Bethany Pride - Student Nurse

Beth has always lived in Bournemouth and has been passionate about caring for animals since an early age.  She attended Glenmoor School before studying Animal Management at Kingston Maurward college.  However it was clear that her main interests lay in the veterinary field and we were delighted to welcome her into the Natterjacks team on October 2012 to help her pursue her ambitions to become a veterinary nurse.

In her free time Beth is a keen walker and enjoys exploring new places with both family and friends.  She also enjoys spending time at home caring for her rescued kitten Misty who needs lots of attention and is getting more confident and playful every day!

1.   The 3 things I would take on a desert island……My cat, my phone and wine
2.   When I was younger I wanted to be…… An artist until I realised it wasn’t my best talent
3.   3 famous people (dead or alive) I would invite to a dinner party……Gordon Ramsey to cook for us all, Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hardy
4.   My guilty pleasure……Re-watching Pretty Little Liars – I have re-watched this too many times
5.   What makes Natterjacks different…… They are a really friendly team who value their staff and make you feel very welcome- best work family!
6.   My proudest ‘claim to fame’ or celebrity encounter…Never had one personally but have been to a few concerts where I have been near the front!
7.   Two things I consider myself to be very bad at….. I am very clumsy + I am not the sportiest person
8.   Two things I consider myself to be very good at…Organisation and relaxing drinking wine!
9.   One thing that not many people know about me….  I have had a tattoo for a few years now
10.   I was frightened for my life at work when…Still trying to figure out that one!
11.   My most annoying habit .… Being late for social events
12.   The song I would perform in a Karaoke bar is… None if I can help it, singing will never be a future career for me
13.   If I was forced to live anywhere else than the beautiful south coast of Dorset I would live…Somewhere hotter for a while to have better summers and places to explore!
14.   I you were to look in my fridge right now you would find….all sorts! Gin, Milk, cheese and lots of food
15.   My favourite place to go for dinner is…Wagamma or Koh Thai
16.   If I won the lottery my first purchase would be….A house!
17.   One place I really want to visit before I die is…So many places on the list! I would love to go to New York at Christmas time
18.   My favourite holiday past-time is ……..exploring all the local places!
19.   If I was a vegetable, I would be a ….A leek
20.   My weirdest phobia is ….Public toilets.. I got trapped in one when I was younger
21.   If I could swap lives with anyone for a day it would be….Kaya Scodelario
22.   My favourite place to go for a walk… anywhere near the sea
23.   The strangest thing I’ve ever seen at work …way too many to pick one!
24.   I would hate to get stuck here ….A lift or a small space
25.   One thing I really want to do before I die is….Travel to more places

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