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Vaccination is a very simple, safe and useful way to protect your pet against a range of nasty diseases. All the diseases vaccinated against are either untreatable, fatal or both. A vaccination also combines an annual health check which is a great way of finding problems early – the best time to treat any disease. Find out more…


We generally advise against using flea products bought in supermarkets and pet shops as they are not effective at killing all worms and none of them contain an ingredient to kill lungworm. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of any pet shop or supermarket products for dogs living in this area of the country.  Furthermore, many use older chemical insecticides which can cause serious side effects and result in a number of hospital admissions and deaths every year. Find out more…


A healthy pet starts with a healthy diet and the choice of diets is bewilderingly large. We are happy to help you to select the right diet for your pet and indeed many health problems can be managed with diet alone. Find out more…

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Look here for pet advice and information about local re-homing centres, local charities and other pet related services.  Find out more…

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