What to do when your pet is unwell….

We know that our pets can become ill or suffer accidents at any time of day or. If you require help outside of our opening hours please contact our out of hours provider Emergency Vet Care on 01202 382843. They are based in Parkstone, Poole – click here for more information.

First Aid

Please download the following presentation for information on first aid – it is a slideshow of an educational talk that we have presented to various local clubs but the advice is applicable to all species and covers possible first aid situations that you may encounter:

Eaten Chocolate?

Click here to go to our chocolate toxicity calculator to see if you need to seek veterinary advice!

Advice Sheets

Here are a few other advice sheets with a bit more detail on specific problems:

Feeding a digestible diet after a stomach upset

Managing a poorly puppy/kitten – severe vomiting and/or diarrhoea 

We also have ready prepared first aid kits available to purchase from the surgery:

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Hidden Danger

Make sure your dogs are adequately protected.

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