The veterinary surgeons at Natterjacks do really constitute the ‘dream team’ and our unique combination has become the envy of the profession.  We have vets with advanced training in all fields of veterinary work whether it be dermatology, orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery, oncology, internal medicine, regenerative science etc – the list goes on.  All our vets have a genuine passion for their work and will look after your pet as if their own.  Just as importantly, they are all personable, friendly and approachable. Find out a bit more about each of them below.

Victoria Lawton

Bellin Cox

Peter Francis

Armiche Fernandez Sanchez

Andy Matthew

Guy Edgelow

Vicki Sanderson

Julian Street

Marcin Zakrzewski

Nikki Bond

Sarah Fisher

Louise Melling

Liz Thorsen

Alice Cravero

Hubert Kusyk

​Shelley Jackman

Olivia Alderton

Matt Downey

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