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Becky joined our team in August 2016 having recently completed her Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management.  She quickly displayed her diverse abilities and aptitude for veterinary work and we were pleased to offer her a training position to become a veterinary nurse commencing in January 2017.

25  things you never knew about Becky!

1.       The 3 things I would take on a desert island……

My dog
And an iPod

2.  When I was younger I wanted to be……

A teacher

3.  3 famous people (dead or alive) I would invite to a dinner party……

John Lennon
Niall Horan
The queen

4.       My guilty pleasure……

One direction

5.       What makes Natterjacks different……

The animals are everything, time and money are no object if it means caring for them

6.       My proudest ‘claim to fame’ or celebrity encounter…

My great uncle was the first man to try penicillin

7.       Two things I consider myself to be very bad at…..

Taking criticism
Dealing with mess

8.       Two things I consider myself to be very good at…

Drinking wine and making the most out of things

9.       One thing that not many people know about me….

10.   I was frightened for my life at work when…

Portia ran at me with a mop!

11.   My most annoying habit .…

Singing – I rarely stop, especially at Christmas!

12.   The song I would perform in a Karaoke bar is…

What makes you beautiful

13.   If I was forced to live anywhere else than the beautiful south coast of Dorset I would live…


14.   I you were to look in my fridge right now you would find….

Apple juice, wine and humous

15.   My favourite place to go for dinner is….

The Golden Fox

16.   If I won the lottery my first purchase would be….

A property to develop into a rescue centre

17.   One place I really want to visit before I die is…


18.   My favourite holiday past-time is ……..


19.   If I was a vegetable, I would be a ….

Brussel sprout

20.   My weirdest phobia is ….

People touching my face

21.   If I could swap lives with anyone for a day it would be….

My grandad

22.   My favourite place to go for a walk…

Winchester or Upton Country Park

23.   The strangest thing I’ve ever seen at work …

24.   I would hate to get stuck here ….

Anywhere away from friends

25.   One thing I really want to do before I die is….

Set up a dog shelter

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