Laura Faletto – RVN

Laura is originally from Bournemouth but grew up in Parkstone. She now lives in the lovely town of Fordingbridge with her boyfriend Ash, her beloved dog Pasha, cats Renesmee and Matilda and homebred mare Luna.

Laura is one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses who started her nursing career in 2009. Before that she was a professional horse rider/trainer and competed in affiliated showjumping and Eventing. She joined the Natterjacks family in January 2018.

Laura is the resident cat lady and has a keen interest in cat behaviour and will soon be working towards her ISFM Advanced Feline Behaviour certificate.

Getting to know Laura – 25 things you never knew!

1. The 3 things I would take on a desert island….. An endless supply of Malibu, my cat and my boyfriend!

2.When I was younger I wanted to be…..A jockey

3. 3 famous people (dead or alive) I would invite to a dinner party… The 3 current guys from Top Gear! Just for the banta! (Also may have a little crush on Freddy Flintoff)

4. My guilty pleasure…..Shopping or spending money I don’t have!

5. What makes Natterjacks different….. It’s a friendly caring team of vets and nurses who have all gone out of there way to make me feel welcome! The care given to each patient is exceptional and the happy, fun atmosphere makes for an enjoyable days work. There’s never a dull moment!

6. My proudest ‘claim to fame’ or celebrity encounter…..Never had one!

7. Two things I consider myself to be very bad at….Getting up early, going to bed early!

8. Two things I consider myself to be very good at…. loyalty and kindness 😊

9. One thing that not many people know about me…..As a teenager I was in the Ferndown gymnastics club, I was a figure skater and I played hockey for the county.

10. I was frightened for my life at work when…..I was given the task of the tea round for the first time!

11. My most annoying habit….. Cracking my elbows 🙈

12. The song I would perform in a Karaoke bar is….. “Valerie” (Amy Winehouse)

13. If I was forced to live anywhere else than the beautiful south coast of Dorset I would live…. New Zealand

14. If you were to look in my fridge right now you would find…..Tomatoes

15. My favourite place to go for dinner is….. Mexican

16. If I won the lottery my first purchase would be….. A big holiday with my friends 😝

17. One place I really want to visit before I die is…..New York

18. My favourite holiday past-time is…..Sun bathing with a pina colada.

19. If I was a vegetable…..I would be a sweet potato

20. My weirdest phobia is…..Fish!! Dead! Alive! or even worse as food!

21. If I could swap lives with anyone for a day it would be... A bird

22. My favourite place to go for a walk is…..The beach with my dogs

23. The strangest thing I’ve ever seen at work….. a tegu

24. I would hate to get stuck here…..A lift.

25. One thing I really want to do before I die is….I love big cats, so any kind of experience with them would be amazing!😺


Laura as you never knew her!

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