Harriet Twamley-Farmer

Harriet is currently studying at Sparsholt, Winchester as a student veterinary nurse who hopes to qualify in July 2022. She has an interest in exotics and hopes to expand her knowledge of them in the future.

Harriet rescued a cat called Luna from the Cats Protection League rescue when she was 14 weeks old hopes to take on more rescue animals in the future. She has a passion for caring for unwell patients, making sure they feel comfortable and forming trust with them whilst in her care. In her spare time, Harriet enjoys reading fantasy books and comics as well as playing games on the PlayStation. Harriet also loves the winter seasons, snuggling under a blanket with a hot chocolate and reading a book or watching some Netflix.

1.   The 3 things I would take on a desert island……A book, A sleeping bag, A lighter
2.   When I was younger I wanted to be……A Palaeontologist (I love dinosaurs)
3.   3 famous people (dead or alive) I would invite to a dinner party…… Lady Gaga, Tom Holland, David Attenborough
4.   My guilty pleasure……Watching the Vampire Diaries
5.   What makes Natterjacks different…… The focus is on animal care and the overall love of animals across the staff
6.   My proudest ‘claim to fame’ or celebrity encounter…Meeting the Gotham cast at London Villains and Heroes Fest
7.   Two things I consider myself to be very bad at…..  Giving Directions, getting to sleep at a reasonable hour
8.   Two things I consider myself to be very good at…Organising (anything but my room), baking
9.   One thing that not many people know about me…. I am a Heathen, so I follow the Norse religion.
10.   I was frightened for my life at work when… When the door handle broke with me alone with an injured bird in the room
11.   My most annoying habit .… The bed covers have to be perfect before I can sleep
12.   The song I would perform in a Karaoke bar is… No Scrubs
13.   If I was forced to live anywhere else than the beautiful south coast of Dorset I would live… Norway
14.   I you were to look in my fridge right now you would find…. Lots of cheese
15.   My favourite place to go for dinner is….Delfino Lounge
16.   If I won the lottery my first purchase would be….A house with my partner
17.   One place I really want to visit before I die is…The Giants Causeway
18.   My favourite holiday past-time is ……..Gaming
19.   If I was a vegetable, I would be a …. A courgette (I really like them)
20.   My weirdest phobia is …The sound of bones breaking
21.   If I could swap lives with anyone for a day it would be…. The Queen
22.   My favourite place to go for a walk… Walking from sandbanks to Bournemouth pier in the late evening
23.   The strangest thing I’ve ever seen at work …When a Bosc Monitor was found and brought in to us, thankful we knew who he was and the owner came and collected him.
24.   I would hate to get stuck here ….In a school at night, seen too many horror films
25.   One thing I really want to do before I die is…. Ride on a sleigh pulled by with husky’s

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