The Natterjacks’ staff quite literally make the practice what it is. Over the past few years the Natterjacks family has grown creating a real buzz in the practice. All staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Find out a bit more about each of them below.

Maja Feline

Hope Winn

Antonio De Lorenzo

Michelle Hall

Sanne Hine

Laura Dodds

Amanda Lee

Charlotte Bate

Vicky Knight

Kim Powell

Daizy Self

Emily Beilby-Tipping

Catherine Cross

Rebecca Bacon

Krystle Perrin

Suzie Bacon

Steph Elmer

Natalie Oliver

Lucy Hunt

Emma Wallace

Andy Matthew

Guy Edgelow

Vicki Sanderson

Julian Street

Marcin Zakrzewski

Fran Garcia Fuentes

Nikki Bond

Sarah Fisher

Louise Melling

Liz Thorsen

Bethany Pride

Hattie Lay

Sophie Melville

Alice Cravero

Hannah Brady

Hubert Kusyk

Rachael Rolfe

​Rebecca Pitkin

​Shannon Graham-Way

​Rachel Dodd

​Louise New

​Victoria Lawton

​Christina Wilkins

​Susan Hayden

​Patricia Garcia Nieto

​Shelley Jackman

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