Pricelist Autumn 2021

Our prices are already amongst the very lowest both locally and nationally but where necessary we will try to match or better what you are currently paying or have seen offered elsewhere so please ask! We can usually beat supermarket or internet prices for most diets, flea treatments and medications as well.

We also offer additional discounts for multi-pet households, groups, charities, rescue organisations and breeders so please email or phone for more information.


Consultation – Initial (all species – standard consult) £32.50
Consultation – Repeat (all species – standard consult) £30.30
Consultation – Extended (many exotic species, second opinions, complex cases requiring extended appts) £47.00
Consultation – Specialist/Advanced (advanced level consults including orthopaedics and some other disciplines) £78.70
Consultation – Specialist/Advanced (repeat) £55.90
Consultation – Telephone £32.50
Consultation – Telephone Recheck £30.30

Note that these fees are a guide only – the vast majority of consults will fall in the standard 10 minute category but if your pet needs more time for a proper assessment or thorough review of the medical history (as in second opinions or complex medical cases) we may decide at the time to charge the extended fee to allow the extra time that your pet deserves.  Many exotic species will fall into this category.


Dog 1st Vacc Course £58.00 (from 6 weeks old, 2-4 weeks apart)
Cat 1st Vacc Course – Outdoor (flu/ent/leukaemia) £62.80 (from 9 weeks old, 3-4 weeks apart)
Cat 1st Vacc Course – Indoor ONLY (flu/ent) £58.00 (from 9 weeks old, 3-4 weeks apart)
Dog Booster £37.00
Cat Booster (flu/ent/leuk) £42.00
Rabbit Myxomatosis +VHD £51.50
Dog Kennel cough £28.00
Vaccine titre testing (dogs) – assess vaccination effectiveness and need for boosters £POA


Microchip – mini-chips as standard (50% smaller)  ONLY £18.80*or ONLY £12.00* with any operation/vacc/consult

(Usual vet price – £28!)

*note this does not include a vet check or consultation which would be in addition. We offer a microchip+vet health check (with certificate if needed) for £22.60 for litters/breeders + charities


Not all vets are the same! We take pride in our surgery and our small incisions with stitch-free closure make for minimal post-op care and reduced risk of complications. The price quoted includes GA, pain relief injection (and FREE post op pain relief for bitch spays) and a post operative check-up (collars to prevent licking and any antibiotics etc are in addition to these fees).
Bitch Spay (S) (<10kg) £160
Bitch Spay (M) (10-20kg) £190
Bitch Spay (L) (20kg+) £220
Dog Castrate (S) (<10kg) £130
Dog Castrate (M) (10-20kg) £155
Dog Castrate (L (20kg+) £180
Cat Spay £68 (From 3 months old)
Cat Castrate £48 (From 3 months old)
Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Rodent Spay From £80 (From 3 months old)
Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Rodent Castrate From £68
Sugar gliders + exotics From £68 – please enquire

Other Treatments

Dental treatment From £118.00 incl GA
Home Visit From £74 + consultation/medication
Orthopaedics  From £499 – please enquire
Specialist soft tissue ops  e.g. cherry eye, thyroidectomies, intestinal surgery From £359 – please enquire
Caesarians Cats from £500, Dogs from £700
Ultrasound scans From £45.00
X-rays From £93.90
K-laser treatment From £15.00
Endoscopy From £285
Blood tests (advanced in-house lab machines) From £12.40
Stem Cell Therapy From £2230
Hyaluronic gel and Platelet Rich Plasma injections From £345
Clip claws £9.40
Anal glands £12.75
Nurse weight checks FREE
Nurse dental checks FREE
Nurse follow up checks FREE
Freshly brewed coffee + refreshments!           FREE
Friendly, lovely staff and a smile 🙂                     FREE

Neutering example – typical spay wound with buried sutures:


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