Perhaps one of the most the troublesome parts of pet ownership is keeping your pet free of the armies of tiny pests lining up to dine on your pet’s blood, skin, lungs or intestines!  Internal and external parasites are unfortunately an inevitable part of pet ownership and you will almost certainly encounter one or more of these unpleasant critters during the course of your pet’s lifetime.  Many of these parasites can cause life-threatening diseases and in the very least they are a cause of discomfort and ill-health.  We live in an area with a high population of pets (and wildlife) which means that the prevalence of these parasites is increasing – as is resistance to many products traditionally used to treat and prevent infection.  Fortunately there are a whole array of innovative, safe and effective new treatments to keep your pet safe so click on the links below and do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about ways to protect your pet.

We generally advise against using flea or worming products bought over the internet or off the shelf in pet shops as they are not effective at killing all parasites and none of them contain an ingredient to kill lungworm which is so important in this area of the country. Furthermore, many use older chemical insecticides which can cause serious side effects and result in a number of hospital admissions and deaths every year.

There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that fleas in this area have developed resistance to many existing products including many spot-ons and flea collars as well as sprays and ‘bombs’ used to treat the environment.

Perhaps the newest and biggest threat to dogs in this area comes from lungworm (Angiostrongylus Vasorum) which is a real concern as it can cause fatal internal bleeds without any prior symptoms.

Recent media attention has also focused on the increasing disease threat posed by ticks so if you find that your pet is encountering a lot of these then your parasite control regime should include a product with proven efficacy against these unpleasant blood-suckers.

Legislation prevents us from giving details here of the products that we typically prescribe so please contact the surgery and we can advise on affordable medications which will be both effective and specifically tailored to your pet’s needs.

Please click the links below for more information on the individual parasites that you need to be aware of:






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