Rabbits, Rodents, Birds, Reptiles and other species

We have specialist equipment and facilities to deal with all of the following species and are recommended by or are members of numerous organisations.  We have posted links here to their websites which offer excellent advice on the care of each species and if you have any specific questions then please email us at hello@natterjacksvet.com.


We meet the highest standards and are one of the only local practices to be approved by the RWAF as a rabbit-friendly practice.  Visit their website for care sheets and information on how to make sure you look after these charming, sensitive creatures properly – www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk.








Rat fanciers and internet forums regularly recommend us due to our greater understanding of the complexity of some of the diseases affecting these underrated pets.  There are numerous forums with many proactive members ready and eager to help you with any specific concerns – try The Fancy Rat Forum or the Rat Forum to start.

We have an interest in many other rodent species including guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, degus and more.



All species cared for including tortoises, turtles, lizards, snakes and  many more.  Locally herpetologists and reptile stores all use Natterjacks for veterinary treatment of these delicate species.

Tortoises of all types are increasingly being kept as pets and we are recommended by the following organisations who all have very useful websites with an abundance of information about looking after the individual species.  Visit: The British Chelonia GroupThe Tortoise Trust and The Tortoise Protection Group

Reptiles Plus Logo

For all your herpetology supplies and husbandry advice, look no further than Reptiles Plus – they are the UK’s leading reptile, amphibian, arachnid and invertebrate specialists. Friendly, helpful staff with a vast amount of knowledge.  Great stores with everything you need whether you are an aspiring herpetologist or an experienced collector.  They also have an excellent website for online advice, care sheets and supplies.


Avian species

Parrots, Budgies, Cockatiels, Finches, Passerines, Birds of Prey and Poultry are regularly treated at the surgery.

The Parrot Society UK







Our vets include ferret keepers and we regularly see Ferrets for hormone treatments, dental disease and other mustelid ailments.  The British Ferret Club is a good starting point for information about keeping these intelligent and engaging animals as pets – British Ferret Club.

British Ferret Club





African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Cute, easy to care for and not known to cause allergies they can make excellent pets but like all exotic pets it is important to make sure you look after them properly.  See here for more.

Sugar Gliders

These intelligent and entertaining marsupials make great family additions but do need specialist knowledge and care – see here for more: www.sugargliderinfo.org


Join our growing family of Skunk keepers! These fabulous creatures make wonderful, entertaining pets – see here for more info: www.petskunks.co.uk

Wildlife, farm, equine and zoo species

Our veterinary team has worked with many animals large and small throughout the world bringing us into contact with a bewildering range of species. We work closely with local wildlife and zoological rescue centres as well as smallholders and breeders of farm and zoo species.

Although we don’t routinely treat horses and large farm animals at the clinic we can often supply certain medicines and are very happy to offer advice on treatment and management of most conditions.

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