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January 17th, 2015

2015 has got off to a flyer here at Natterjacks and so you can continue to have confidence in who is looking after your loved ones it is important that we keep you abreast of the latest developments at Natterjacks.

First of all we are all thrilled to welcome back Charlotte the week after next following her year of maternity leave. As one of our original ‘founding members’ who helped shape the practice to become what it is now we know you will all be as excited as us to see her back where she belongs!

Many of you will have now met and come to love both Aoife and Vicki who have provided some much needed female back-up to our veterinary team! Unfortunately we will be losing Aoife for a month now as she and Andy go off on a belated honeymoon following their wedding last October. However we are delighted to welcome Rebecca Robinson to the team for a few weeks as of next week. Rebecca is a fantastic and highly skilled vet who has worked with both Emily and Aoife in the past at a vet practice in Poole. I am sure you all make her feel very welcome.

We were also sad to wave goodbye to Bethan for a few months whilst she takes a sabbatical to travel the world. We are following her travels closely on-line and are not in any way a little envious ;-). On the plus side we are delighted to have strengthened our nursing team with the arrival of Vicky Ballard, who’s warm and friendly nature and enthusiastic approach has already won her many fans.

On a sadder note we are very sad to report the loss of a patient to suspected Alabama Rot (cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV)) this week after a valiant battle to overcome the disease at the surgery. After months without any cases it is a tragic reminder that this terrible disease is still around and seems to coincide with the colder, wetter months. We must all remain vigilant but sadly nothing further is known about the disease at the moment. All the latest can be found here: www.andersonmoores.com/vet/news.

After spending a lot of time warning of dangers around Christmas time, we have also been reminded of the dangers of everyday objects like crisp packets following the tragic suffocation of one our much loved patients, the details of which Sam has kindly posted on our timeline – please read and take note.

Finally we have had quite a lot of enquiries following the airing of a BBC documentary on Dorset Dog Rescue this week – please read our comment here if you have any questions.


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