Tick awareness month

May 20th, 2019

Tick Awareness month is here, so make sure you ask your us how to protect your pets against ticks. See the results of the UK’s largest vet study into ticks, including our area at www.bigtickproject.co.uk

As Tick Awareness month gets underway, and with research from #BigTickProjectshowing 30% of dogs were found to have ticks, it’s time to ask us about how to keep your dogs and cats protected from ticks and stay safe.

Springsees a rise in tick activity. Please check your pets for ticks and use tick protection to reduce the risks of tick borne disease transmission. Be tick aware and be vigilant. Talk to us for more information on tick protection Ticks travel and bad news travels fast. Looking at taking your pets overseas? Please use tick protection to protect your pets from exotic ticks and protect other pets your pet meets on return from holiday!

Ticks travel, visit bigtickproject.co.uk to see the region by region breakdown tick locations. Remember ticks travel on dogs so a low risk area does not mean a no risk area!

Walk your dog in an area with large sheep and deer populations? Then it’s likely ticks will be in abundance too. Make sure your dog is protected, talk to us about tick protection. #BigTickProject the largest ever vet study into ticks and tick-borne diseases highlights the risk of new tick species and potentially diseases which could be introduced to the UK from Western Europe. At this practice we are supporting the introduction of tick protection into the PETS Travel scheme, prior, during and after travel to reduce this risk. All dogs are at risk of ticks. It’s the exposure to ticks that matters, not the dog’s breed, age or sex. Talk to us to talk about tick protection To make sure your pets are tick-free, speak to us and learn how to become familiar with tick protection and removal methods.

Biggest ever UK vet study into ticks checked nearly 7000 dogs across the UK…and found almost 1 in 3 had ticks! Now’s the time to get up to date with tick protection! Ticks spread infectious diseases such as Lyme disease, harmful to both pets and human. Be vigilant for you and pet’s safety. Discuss with us tick protection for your pet and visit https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/552740/Ticksandyourhealthinfoabouttickbites.pdf to protect yourself.

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