The Boys of Summer!

September 10th, 2016

The last month has been a busy and exciting time at Natterjacks with the opening of our long awaited new surgery in Poole and we have been delighted to introduce some friendly new faces to our extended family.

Perhaps the newest face of them all arrived last week as we were delighted to welcome baby Thomas to the family – pictured here with proud dad and granddad! Some of you may recognise granddad from his many years as a solicitor in Southbourne 😉!

We also welcomed James Barton to our veterinary team in Bournemouth this week and his cheerful, approachable manner will ensure that he is soon established as a firm favourite. Many of you will have met vet Sam Fowlie already and his calm disposition and dry sense of humour has made him a popular addition with staff and patients alike in both Bournemouth and Poole.

But it hasn’t just been raining men – we were delighted to welcome Catherine Cross to our fabulous nursing team at the beginning of the month and you are all still getting to know Sue, Steph, Hollie and other recent additions to the team in Poole. For more details and some interesting facts about all of our amazing staff, visit the staff pages of our website –

Thanks as ever for extending the usual warm welcome to all the new members of our growing family and thanks as well to our new Poole friends for being so patient in our first month as we tackled a number of teething problems with phones, computers, drains, leaks etc etc! Your lovely feedback, suggestions and kind words of support have been enormously helpful and will continue to be so in the future – as with our Bournemouth clinic we are relying on you to help shape the practice to make it everything you want it to be 🙂

Enjoy the last of the summer sunshine and see you in Bournemouth or Poole soon.

Team Natterjacks X

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