Repeat prescription examinations

June 30th, 2022

We’ve had a number of recent questions from clients regarding the need for repeat prescription examinations.

As vets we are legally obliged to have recent knowledge of the health of any animal we wish to prescribe medication for. During the pandemic the RCVS “cut us some slack” by permitting us to assess animals remotely, this reduced the number of visits during lockdown, helping to keep everyone as safe as possible.

With lockdowns now a thankfully fading memory those remote prescribing powers have been removed. This means we need to start physically seeing and examining animals on medication periodically as we did pre-covid.

For the majority of conditions and medications we can prescribe medication for up to 6 months following a patient’s last examination, for more complicated conditions, or for medication that requires closer monitoring, or has a higher incidence of adverse effects, we may need to see your pet at least every 3 months or even more frequently, this being decided on an individual basis.

These consultations give you a chance to discuss your pet’s progress with your vet, they allow us to check we are happy with how our patients are doing, to take any blood tests that may be required, and to modify pets’ treatment as required. This should all help to keep your furry friend in the best possible condition.

The most recent and effective flea and worm treatments are also prescription only. If your animal requires flea or worm medication and we have not seen you with them in over a year then they need to come in for a check over. If you are purchasing flea or worm medication from us directly at the time there is no charge for this exam.

If your animal is taking regular medication and you are unable to bring them in promptly for a check up then in some circumstances we may be able to prescribe a short course of up to a fortnight’s medication to keep you supplied until you can make it in to see us, do speak to our front of house team and we’ll always do what we can to help.

That’s enough about prescribing, have a lovely summer all.

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