Old Guys Rule at Natterjacks in August!

August 22nd, 2018

  • Poor Gizmo the 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier was found in a state of distress and unable to stand or walk following a mystery accident in the wee small hours of the night

  • An x-ray revealed Gizmo had badly broken his femur and in common with most people in their 90s was unable to hop on his other leg so was left completely stranded

  • A combination of pin and locking plate was used to re-assemble Gixmo’s leg – major surgery for a dog of this age. Fortunately Gizmo, like all terriers, is a pretty tough cookie and makes it through the op

  • Gizmo needed several days of intensive physio to get him up on his feet but is now home and getting stronger every day. Gizmo is fifteen and fabulous

  • This x-ray is from Polo, the 10 year old Pomeranian who took a nasty fall down a flight of stairs and managed to crush nearly all the main bones (the metatarsals) in his left forelimb, ouch!

  • A complex spider frame with pins, wires and a special epoxy putty was used to tack the tiny fragments of bone together and hold them rigid whilst the fragments knit together

  • A week later Polo’s smile is back – it will take some time at his age before he will be risk the stairs again though!

  • And perhaps the biggest fightback of all came from 15 year old Oscar who suffered horrific injuries to his rear end after being hit by a car – it was astonishing at his age that he survived the impact at all. Extensive reconstructive surgery was needed but several days later it was reluctantly decided that his right leg was not going to heal and needed to be amputated. Oscar was already very weak and it was dubious whether he would survive another major op but we were thrilled to be proved wrong…

  • Intensive rehab and round the clock nursing is needed but after a gruelling week for all involved Oscar is ready to go home! A really happy ending which never seemed on the cards and proves that age is never a barrier for our amazing patients!!

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