Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

January 1st, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our gorgeous patients and their equally wonderful and most obedient owners!

Humongous thanks again to you ALL for another terrific year – you are truly amazing and we owe it all to you and your nearest and dearest four legged friends. We really wouldn’t be here without you and can’t thank you enough for your loyal support.

Thank you in particular for keeping us on our toes with all your surprises and for ensuring that life is never dull or predictable! It can be stressful and emotional at times but never a moment passes when we don’t feel privileged to be in a position to help the most important members of the family in their moment of need.

In particular thanks for your patience when we have been running late with emergencies and when the phone lines are jammed! We are working on dealing with these niggles and have oodles of exciting new plans for 2016 to ensure we keep getting better and better and can provide our growing family of patients with the same top class veterinary care and personal, friendly, great value service that has helped us get to where we are now.

Many of you will have read in the paper about our new clinic in Poole that is set to open in Spring 2016 – watch this space for updates and photos as this exciting project unfolds. If you are worried that this will adversely affect anything at our existing surgery then fear not! Everything and everyone will remain the same in Boscombe East, it’s just that it is getting a bit cosy at times and we have a lot of patients on the other side of town who will now have their own sparkling new practice which will be more convenient for them as well as giving us space for some new specialist facilities to benefit both clinics and help ensure that we remain at the forefront of the profession. See here for more.

As ever your feedback and suggestions are always welcome and are essential to help us improve and shape our practice according to your needs and wishes. As a team we get a real buzz out of knowing that our efforts are appreciated and it makes all the tears, trials and tribulations worthwhile! We always aim to exceed your expectations and if we haven’t left with you with that warm, treacly feeling of contentment then we need to know why.

In the meantime get merry and enjoy, not forgetting to share just a little of your Christmas turkey with your furry friends! Please do share your photos of our patients enjoying the festivities, we love seeing them in fine health and having fun as we don’t always get to see them at their best! Do also be aware of the unique hazards that are associated with this time of year – see here and familiarise yourselves with our first aid section for advice in the event of any mishaps. As ever please email for assistance if necessary and this year due to the length of the break we will be running an emergency clinic on Sunday 27th from 9-11am just in case that little bit of turkey hasn’t gone down too well!

Have a great time and looking forward to sharing more good times together in 2016!

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