Homeless clinic finds shelter with Natterjacks!

June 2nd, 2015

In conjunction with local charity ‘Animal Canopy’ we are delighted to have set up a free veterinary clinic for the homeless people on the streets of Bournemouth.  Each month we see a number of animals at the St Paul’s BCHA with their owners to provide much needed preventative health care, advice and first aid.  Mostly they fall outside the remit of the PDSA as they do not have housing allowances and generally have fallen out of mainstream society. Whatever the reasons may be, it is not the fault of the animals that they find themselves in that situation and anyone could potentially find themselves stricken and homeless by circumstances beyond their control.  We feel privileged to be involved and be able to help.

The initiative was set up by local residents Debbi Tait and Jenny Russo earlier this year and all treatment is provided free of charge courtesy of ourselves.  Animal Canopy itself was only established in 2014 and is a truly worthwhile cause to support as they raise funds to help support small local animal welfare charities who often struggle to make ends meet.  Visit their website and facebook page to find out more and to see how you can get involved with their fundraising efforts.

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