Happy 4th Birthday Natterjacks!

March 6th, 2016

In the blink of an eye yet another year has rocketed past and as ever we are indebted to you all for your support, patience and for helping to make Natterjacks something that as a community we can all be proud of :-)!

This year has already seen some exciting additions to our clinical offerings with the advanced K-laser treatment (see natterjacksvet.com/laser) proving an instant hit – I know many of you have been pestering your GPs to see if us humans can benefit as well! The Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are also offering a lot of promise in the expanding field of rehabilitative medicine and we are pleased to be at the forefront of these new technological offerings (see www.natterjacksvet.com/facilities).

Over the last few months we have been delighted to welcome Portia Garnier to our team to help keep everyone happy at the front desk and allow the nurses to concentrate on our increasingly busy hospital ward and nurse clinics. We have also welcomed Vicky Knight and Charlotte Bate to our qualified nursing team and will soon have Amanda Lee joining us too, all of whom are well-known and much loved from their time at other local practices before being cherry-picked to join our gang ;-). But don’t worry none of the old favourites have left, these are a just a few extra pairs of hands to help us maintain our impeccable levels of care and to swell the ranks a bit prior to the launch of our new Poole practice at Darby’s Corner. Again just to reassure our Bournemouth patients we will NOT be moving anyone or anything from our existing branch, the Poole practice is purely to provide our patients on the other side of town with their own swash-buckling facility and to provide a bit more space for new facilities :-).

As is usual with these things it has taken longer than expected to get Darby’s Corner ready for action – years of neglect and the theft of lead from the roof has led to a lot of damp and structural problems but we are getting there and it is going to be a hugely impressive building once finished. We will be holding a big party when Poole throws open its doors of course everyone from across town will be invited. Being an old pub with oodles of space both inside and outside will make it a perfect venue for all sorts of charity events and we are looking forward to making it as much a place of fun and recreation as for fixing broken animals! Our estimated opening is late April but we will keep you posted as the date approaches and please follow progress (including pics of the work) here:www.natterjacksvet.com/poole.

If you would like to register your pets at the new practice in advance of opening then please do so by filling in our online form (www.natterjacksvet.com/contact) and select either Bournemouth or Poole (you can be seen at both of course – the records will be shared). As well as our existing offers in Bournemouth we will have some exciting discounts and freebies to offer our new patients in Poole to make sure that we continue to offer the best value service as well as the best veterinary care across all BH postcodes ;-).

Happy Birthday to you all – ensure to raise a glass to celebrate what YOU have achieved at Natterjacks!

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