Friends, sun, sand and sea…sounds like summer to me :-)

June 29th, 2018

The summer season is well and truly underway and the delightful sunshine we have seen in the last month is fair recompense for the never-ending winter that preceded it!

The good weather should see a decline in cases of the mysterious Alabama rot but a bigger yet less well publicised threat to your dog locally comes from the deadly lungworm. The recent death of a puppy in Broadstone registered to the practice is a reminder to all dog owners of the need for rigorous preventative treatment so please contact us to find out more. The better weather will also see an explosion in flea and tick numbers, with the latter in particular of increasing concern so make sure your pets are protected at this time of year.

Warm weather has resulted in a bloom of phytoplankton in the sea locally turning it a muddy brown colour causing alarm amongst some dog owners but do not fear – it is completely harmless. However be wary of freshwater pools and ponds with a vivid blue-green colour resulting from potentially toxic algal blooms so if in doubt steer clear. For tips on evading all the usual seasonal hazards please see our advice page here:

Planning has now been granted for our class leading CT facility in Poole and our advanced ultrasound scanner has just been installed to great acclaim. Improvement works continue in Bournemouth and we will be welcoming some more new faces to assist with our development – our veterinary team will be bolstered with the arrival of fabulous Kerensa and Harry whilst our nursing team in Bournemouth will see two new great additions in Chloe and Christina. Some much needed administrative support at both sites will be provided by lovely Victoria and Rebecca as well.

Our new Vets2You team is now fully assembled and fully operational with vets Louise and Sarah supported by nurses Lucy and Nat – they are delivering our famous service right to your doorstep across Dorset and Hampshire so please contact the V2Y team directly on 07531 208720 if you would like to know more or make an appointment. Vet Sarah has experience in dealing with a wide range of exotic species so will also be running a clinic in Poole every Thursday morning dedicated to our more unusual friends so please contact either surgery to book an appointment with her.

We have seen lots of interesting cases over the last couple of months – from complex medical cases to challenging orthopaedic referrals. The arrival of new drug-free immunological treatments is revolutionising our management of skin allergies – another big problem at this time of year. We are also seeing more results from our stem cell therapy for a wide range of conditions and advances in the targeted treatment of cancer is offering new hope for many patients. All of this, of course, is down to you and your amazing furry family members so thanks as ever to all of you for keeping us on our toes and for taking us ever onwards and upwards 

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