Dog First Aid slideshow now available

July 24th, 2014

Following our successful First Aid Evening hosted by Dorset Dogs and Christchurch council at Stanpit last month and after several requests I have succeeded in adding the slides from the talk to the website in a downloadable format so hopefully it will serve as a useful reference point in a first aid situation. Although it will make more sense to those who attended the talk the slides should be largely self-explanatory and we will be planning more talks in the future to help fill in the gaps for those who couldn’t make the talk last month.

We have also put together our own first aid kits which will be available from next week which is a pretty comprehensive package to deal with most first aid situations and minor ailments.

dog first aid kit

Click on the link below to view a presentation covering the general approach to managing a wide variety of both emergency situations and more common illnesses that you may encounter with your pet. It was composed for dog owners but the general principles apply to all animals.

It is hopefully fairly self explanatory and should serve as a useful quick reference guide so bookmark this page for when you need it!

Download Dog First Aid Slideshow

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