BBQ Safety

May 27th, 2021

As the weather hots up, for many of us, this means relaxed afternoons in the garden, lighting up the grill and enjoying delicious food in the sunshine. What’s not to love?

Unfortunately, despite the obvious advantages for us as pet owners, this time of year can pose a surprising number of risks to our pets’ health.

Here’s 6 top tips to keep your pets safe this BBQ season, so you can kick back and relax without any nasty surprises or trips to the vet!

#1 Keep pets away from the grill

Pets should be kept a safe distance from the BBQ as the smell of cooking food can
be enticing and risk serious burns. Never leave pets unattended with a hot grill and cool the BBQ down as quickly as possible after cooking. Be sure to clean up any grease which falls from the BBQ, as scavenging pets may accidentally eat grease covered stones or gravel when hoovering the floor for scraps.

#2 Don’t share your BBQ food

Don’t give in to those puppy dog eyes or wailing meows! BBQ scraps can give our pets a tummy upset and the high fat
content of things like sausages and burgers can sometimes cause pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). The safest option is to feed pet safe treats instead. If your pets knew what you were protecting them from, they would thank you for it!

#3 Keep food waste and rubbish out of reach

BBQ food waste and rubbish can prove tempting for our pets but bones, food packaging, wooden skewers and the inner
part of corn on the cobs can all pose a serious risk to our pets if eaten, potentially causing blockages and damage to the stomach or intestines. Alcohol is also toxic to our dogs and cats, so spills and left-over drinks should be cleaned away and safely disposed of.

#4 Reusable plastic cups are a safer option than glass

Broken glass is a pain to clear up in the house but can prove nearly impossible to clean up in the garden, particularly if it spreads on to the grass. Reusable plastic cups offer both an environmentally friendly and safe option if dropped – protecting both paws and human feet!

#5 Be aware of pet sun safety

Keeping our pets safe in the sun becomes more and more important as the weather gets warmer. Our pets should always have access to shade and plenty of fresh, clean water. Thinly furred areas such as the bridge of the nose and tips of the ears are at risk of sunburn. Consider using pet safe sunblock on these areas, particularly if your cat or dog has a pale coat.

#6 Make sure your pets have a quiet area

What’s fun for us can sometimes be very scary for our pets. Smoke, loud music and over excited children can sometimes prove overwhelming for our furry family members and it is important they have somewhere peaceful to retreat to if needed. It’s also essential to make sure outdoor caged pets can be moved to a quiet, smoke free area.

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