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A bit more detail about what makes us so special and a few of your questions answered.

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Natterjacks in a nutshell:

  • Personal care and attention. We know our pets are part of the family and we take pride in forming lasting relationships with the local community who know that we will look after their animals as if they were our own.
  • Outstanding veterinary care. We are constantly looking to push the boundaries and invest in new equipment, facilities and expertise to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of the profession.
  • Top vets, great nurses. Our fabulous staff have experience of working in many different practices and feel strongly that our unique set-up enables them to work to the best of their abilities and in the best interests of our patients.  They are not pushed to meet sales targets or meet Key Performance Indicators.  Perhaps most importantly of all, we genuinely care about our staff – we know that they are wonderful, kind human beings and we listen to them intently to ensure that they enjoy a happy and fulfilling life both at work and at home.
  • Choice. We know that every animal and owner is different so we can tailor our treatment regimes to meet everyone’s needs and expectations.
  • Great value. We operate efficiently with tight margins and have non-existing management fees meaning we can make significant cost savings that can be passed onto our clients. We do not push sales of ancillary products, diets or other goods and are solely focused on the best treatment of your pet at all times.
  • Consistency. You can be assured that we will be here under the same name and the same local family ownership to serve future generations with the same high level of care and a genuine concern for not only your pet but your whole family.
  • Ethically run. We work closely with local businesses and charities, help with conservation work and are involved in projects with the homeless in Bournemouth and Poole.  All of which is done free of charge.  Any profits from the practice are put towards these ventures or re-invested into the practice so we can continue to improve the treatment of your pet.

How do we keep our prices so low?

  • We are efficient and operate on very tight margins.
  • We are part of a large buying group based across the UK which means we can negotiate better deals from our suppliers to keep the costs of medications down.
  • We have non-existent management fees and we can make significant cost savings that can be passed onto our clients.
  • We don’t spend massive amounts of money on marketing or other tertiary business matters – we concentrate our funds on looking after you, your patient and the local community.

Natterjacks now has more vets and nurses than when it first opened– how does this affect the care of my pet?

This should be of huge benefit to you. We are a close knit team of good friends dating back many years so we inevitably discuss our cases and patients with one another and even socially! You can of course request to see one vet in particular but you should feel confident that whoever you see at the surgery will know the full picture – we act as one team, not as individuals.  We use our collective abilities and expertise to offer a much higher level of care than one vet acting alone meaning that everything from exotics to orthopaedics can be dealt with at the surgery.

How come everyone at Natterjacks is always so happy and friendly?!

We are all friends who have decided to work together to provide a better working environment for each other and this reflects across the practice from reception to the operating theatre.  No egos, no attitudes!  We all like working with one another and want to do the most we can for each other as well as our patients.  This results in a genuinely relaxed and friendly environment which transmits to our patients and hopefully owners too!

What about out-of-hours cover?

Put simply, we have quality vets and nurses who would just not be at their best during the day if we had to answer calls overnight.  A tired vet is at risk of making dangerous and even life-threatening mistakes. We will endeavour to answer emails from existing clients out-of-hours and offer advice – in some circumstances we can even arrange to see people out-of-hours via email.  Our dedicated out-of-hours providers are specialists in providing emergency care and inform us immediately when our patients are seen to ensure continuity of care.  There are also a few local corporate practices who run out of hours clinics and they will happily see our patients during these times before transferring back to us for ongoing care.

A lot of emergencies can be managed very successfully with some basic first aid knowledge – please download and refer to our first aid guide which covers nearly every situation that you and your pet may have to contend with  – it is available here.

But the practice I currently use offers me a discount because I work for the NHS/council/schools/Armed Forces/am a student etc.  Can you match this?

We will match or better any existing deals or offers that you have seen advertised or already have in place – just ask when you register.  Do remember that we are already significantly cheaper anyway even after the discounts are taken into account.  Many practices have over inflated prices to allow a margin for discounting and the discounts for these groups is really just marketing ploy of some of the larger chains ;-).  Our prices are genuinely low and transparent – no gimmicks.

I really want to join Natterjacks but I am concerned about making the transition.  Do we need to contact our vet to obtain medical records etc?

It couldn’t be easier.  You don’t need to contact your previous vet and nearly all practices keep electronic records now which we can obtain via email so that we can find out everything we need to know about your pet’s medical history to ensure the transition is seamless and stress-free.

I don’t have a lot of money and I am worried about going to the vet because of the expense.  Will you see me?

Yes, of course we will. Please discuss your financial constraints to our team and we will make sure that we are open and honest with our fees and will do our best to tailor your pet’s treatment plan according to your budget.

If there is something seriously wrong with my pet will you be able to treat them or will I be referred?

Our capable and experienced team will nearly always be able to help. We have a range of specialisms and interests and some of the most advanced facilities in the area. If a referral is necessary we are more than happy to arrange one, and have good relations with many specialist centres.

My pet is insured but I can’t afford to pay any large, unexpected bills. What would happen in the event of such a situation?

We will nearly always do direct claims with insurance companies so that we claim everything direct from your insurance company – you only need to pay the insurance excess.

I breed animals but find a lot of vets unhelpful – even critical – and lacking in knowledge. Why are Natterjacks different?

It is in everyone’s interests to encourage and assist responsible breeders.  After all we all want to ensure that our pets have the best possible start in life! We can you help you with low cost vaccinations, expert reproductive advice, free health certificates and additional discounts to ensure your extended family gets the best possible care at an affordable price.

I live a long way from the surgery but I am so impressed that I still want to come to Natterjacks.  Is this ok?

Yes, of course!  No postcode lottery here.  We have patients as far away as Weymouth, Portsmouth and Swindon.  A lot of our patients are prepared to travel the extra mile to see us and combine it with a nice walk around Hengistbury Head or a trip to the shops!

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