Vet – Ben Odbert

Ben and Sarah Odbert

Ben and his wife Sarah are old university friends of many of the Natterjacks team having trained alongside Andy, Guy and Vicki at Bristol Vet School.  Though both he and Sarah now work as academics and tutors at the Royal Veterinary College in London, they both still enjoy keeping in touch with the real world of day to day veterinary practice and it is a privilege to be able to call upon their skills and expertise Natterjacks on occasion to help provide additional cover when required.

Ben is also a local lad having grown up near Milford-on-Sea where his family still live.  Ben and Sarah enjoy regular visits to the south coast to escape London and catch up with their old friends in the area.

Ben and Sarah are intrepid explorers and have regularly contributed to charity work all over the globe, including a trip to Malawi in early 2017.

Ben and Sarah are both extremely warm, personable individuals and whenever they join our team it really does feel as if they are an integral part of the family.  We are always sad when the time comes to say goodbye as they depart for their academic roles.

Aside from being a great vet, Ben is also a talented cartoonist.  Interestingly, and little known to many, he is also ranked no.3 in the world at competitive soap carving and is a dab hand at tiddlywinks.

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