Ashley Green

Ashley joined our team in July 2017 following completion of his training at the Royal Veterinary College.  Ashley is from Eastbourne originally but regularly visited Bournemouth as a child and has fond memories of playing on the long stretches of sandy beach.  Ashley therefore had no hesitation in seizing the chance to join Natterjacks when the opportunity presented.

Ashley is conscientious and highly motivated with interests in a broad range of veterinary disciplines.   He is enthusiastic about patient welfare and is keen to contribute to the many and varied community projects in which the practice is involved.

Ashley participates in squash and other racquet sports and used to compete in rowing.  Ashley is determined to make the most of all that the local area has to offer and is particularly eager to develop his interest in water based activities.

Getting to know Ashley….25 things you never knew!

  1.       The 3 things I would take on a desert island….

A dog, a hammock and a pen-knife.


  1.       When I was younger I wanted to be…..

A binman! I always wanted to use the buttons on the bin lorry.


  1.       3 famous people (dead or alive) I would invite to a dinner party…

Winston Churchill, Niccolò Machiavelli and Ben Howard


  1.       My guilty pleasure….

Daytime antique TV programs.


  1.       What makes Natterjacks different?

The easy-going sociable atmosphere between staff and the clients


  1.       My proudest ‘claim to fame’ or celebrity encounter….

I have treated Louis Hamilton’s bulldogs!


  1.       Two things I consider myself to be very bad at…

Drawing and portion sizes


  1.       Two things I consider myself to be very good at…

Time management and dancing


  1.       One thing that not many people know about me…

I can play the saxophone.


  1.   I was frightened for my life at work when….

A horse reared up over my head!


  1.   My most annoying habit….

Not picking up my mobile phone


  1.   The song I would perform in a Karaoke bar is…..

Is this the way to Amarillo?


  1.   If I was forced to live anywhere else than the beautiful south coast of Dorset I would live….

Camden, I miss the big city sometimes.


  1.   I you were to look in my fridge right now you would find….

Lots of open jars of pickles


  1.   My favourite place to go for dinner is…

A good pub Sunday roast


  1.   If I won the lottery my first purchase would be….

A gift for each of my family


  1.   One place I really want to visit before I die is….



  1.   My favourite holiday past-time is…..

A beer on the beach


  1.   If I was a vegetable, I would be….

A broad bean


  1.   My weirdest phobia is….

The sound of polysterene creaking


  1.   If I could swap lives with anyone for a day it would be….

A pilot


  1.   My favourite place to go for a walk….

The beach on a stormy day


  1.   The strangest thing I’ve ever seen at work….

A meerkat!


  1.   I would hate to get stuck here…..

A bus load of crying babies.


  1.   One thing I really want to do before I die…..

A cross continent road trip.

Ashley as you never knew him 😉

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