Equipment and facilities

  • Regenerative medicine centre – Natterjacks are proud to be at the forefront of regenerative medicine utilising the body’s own healing powers to assist healing and cure a number of diseases without drugs! These include:

Laser treatment – therapeutic K-laser therapy to speed healing after surgery, aid recovery from various injuries and manage pain by a process known as ‘photobiostimulation’ – read here about this exciting new technology that is now available at Natterjacks

Stem cell therapy (SCT) – exciting new advance in the treatment of many diseases which involves culturing omnipotent stem cells derived from your patient and then implanting them in damaged tissues . Read more about the procedure with this patient info leaflet –  procedure

Also of interest is the scientific data and an interesting Sunday Times article.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – another exciting new regenerative technique to help speed healing from injury and manage chronic diseases like arthritis.  PRP concentrates growth factors from the blood and stimulates stem cells.  See here and here for more about this technique.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Gel injections – Hyaluronate is a natural component of cartilage and joint fluid which is deficient in arthritic joints.  Injecting it directly into affected joints into reduces pain and improves joint function by increasing lubrication (viscosupplementation) and providing nutrition to damaged areas of cartilage. See here for more.

Cartilage repair injections (Pentosan polysulphate) – administered painlessly subcutaneously to stimulate repair of damaged cartilage and improve the quality of joint fluid, this natural product derived from tree bark is finding a whole new range of exciting applications including management of arthritis, spinal disease, joint injuries and bladder problems.  We have lots of patients who receive these injections regularly with great success and zero side effects.  Visit this website for more information and read this summary of the main points.

Immunotherapy – advanced treatment for a wide range of allergies which works by injecting small amounts of whatever your pet is allergic to and ‘desensitise’ the immune system – see here.

  • Dermatology/skin disease – the most advanced allergy testing and immunotherapy protocols currently available in conjunction with specialist diagnostic facilities and treatments
  • X-Rays – the latest digital technology to enable speedy, accurate diagnoses
  • Orthopaedics – facilities to deal with complicated bone fractures and joint injuries including cruciate ligament ruptures – no need for stressful and expensive referral
  • Dentistry – advanced diagnostic and surgical facilities (including root canal treatment) to deal with all dental problems, a major cause of pain and illness. Digital dental xrays included FREE with all routine dental treatment where required.
  • Endoscopy – cameras to look deep inside your pet without surgery
  • Blood testing – we have the most advanced in-house biochemistry and haematology machines available meaning that potentially life-saving results can be obtained within minutes – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Allergy testing – sophisticated blood testing to  accurately diagnose all types of allergies ranging from foodstuffs to environmental factors such as pollen and even people!
  • Vaccine titre testing  – in house testing to check effectiveness of puppy vaccinations and assess need for booster vaccination – only £29!
  • Cardiology – specialised equipment to help diagnose and manage heart disease
  • Electrosurgery – highly sophisticated surgery to improve recovery times
  • Cryosurgery – targeted liquid nitrogen therapy to remove small growths and lesions
  • Chemotherapy – a variety of modern low risk treatments available to deal with a range of animal cancers
  • Specialist breeds – expertise in the unique veterinary requirements of various pedigree breeds of cats and dogs including bull breeds, giant and toy breeds, working breeds and many others
  • Reproductive medicine– advanced breeding/fertility management to maximise success as well as caesarean sections, feline colonies, artificial insemination and genetic testing
  • Leishmaniasis/foreign rescue animals – nationally recognised as centre for management of Leish and other diseases unique to foreign rescues
  • Exotics –  experience and hospital facilities to deal with many exotic species including reptiles, birds and small mammals

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